Day 114 of 365

First highlight of the day includes the epic win of the blazers vs the rockets. Went to school after for ze review. Performed pretty well (inspired eh) :))) saw the blank mamba twice 😂😂 then went to starmall did yung mamang nauntog. Si son goku. Yung sa bench tsaka yung bata. 😂😂😂😂

Day 113 of 365

Walang ginawa buong araw lol yay may review na ulit bukas :”) sayaa nvr ata? Dat twitter war about the boxz tho 😄😂😂 hahahahahaha classic. Still on season 3 of twd cool. Oh and no ‘ball today :(((

Day 112 of 365

Went to somewhere earlier to ‘ball. Lost tho. Twice. Need to up my game. Alot. Not that much happened as thats the only highlight of the day. Review resumes on thurs. Cant wait.

Day 111 of 365

Review started today. Glad to see some of ze buds today. Im at a loss of words now. Too many events i cant blog about :-((((( glad to be back on the same room with my ❤️ malapit pa siya sakin =”)))))))) inspired amp. So review resumes on thursday. Damn it. Gusto kong ituloy yun :(

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